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Thread: Help sourcing a buckle

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    Help sourcing a buckle

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    Anyone know where I could get more of these buckles from? I need a couple more for a project but I don't want to buy complete gpmg slings. I would rather just find somewhere that does the buckle on its own.

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    cant really see what it looks like
    loop within a loop?

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    Its a quick release buckle. The smaller of the two buckles goes through the larger and is secured by a rigid piece of strap. If I knew the proper name then I might be able to start searching on google!

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    Google 58 pattern webbing pouch images and you'll see some. Should be able to pick up a couple cheap from a surplus shop.
    Alternatively, copy the ones you have with some Brass brazing rod and spray them black!

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    Call me fussy but I'm after the up to date synthetic material rather than the old canvas for this. Might use 58' patt if push comes to shove.

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    Found these!

    Hopefully the the plastic will be quiet enough when releasing.

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    No. I have a box full of those. The type of fastening is the one I want. I didn't think to search for the webtex type PLCE. Thanks anyway.
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    Give us a call our main store on 01525 211488, we have some old 58 pattern pouches wich might have these buckles. We stock all the Web-Tex products so if you want to save time, we will do the research for you. Brendan or Bodie will be able to help

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