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Thread: Turtle Doves big decrease in numbers

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    Turtle Doves big decrease in numbers

    Turtle doves dying out - Telegraph

    Hi noticed today in the papers the poor old Turtle Dove has been hit hard with wet year last year heavy shooting on migratory routes and now an issue with a virus affecting its breathing which according to some reports has infected the wood pigeon possibly by a good percentage. anyone else seen this?

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    Been picking an odd woodpigeon or two up for a long while and they were suffering with some sort of lung problem.

    And there has definately been a massive decline in turtle doves over the last 10 years.We had a BTO chap ring a lot of birds on the estate and he was very happy to be taken to a turtle dove nest to ring the young(and that was a good few years ago)

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    Picked the odd ones up here too over the last 6 months.

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    No turtle doves here for 20 years

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