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Thread: Talley scope mounts

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    Talley scope mounts

    Got some of these with my Sauer 101. Immediately lost the installation instructions! I am assuming that the thicker mount goes to the rear of the scope. Can someone confirm please, otherwise I will look a knob. Thanks to anyone who has helped and talked me through the bedding in thus far.

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    Have you tried emailing talley?
    Or post a photo on here so we can have a better idea of which mounts they are.

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    Speak to paul shaw at garlands i'm sure he will be happy to help you.

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    Hello greenhout....the higher base goes to the rear...I have talley QD mounts on my 8 x 57
    mauser Husqvarna & I`m very happy with design & quality...nice lever locks.
    Good shooting.....

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