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Thread: Vangaurd equalizer bipods

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    Vangaurd equalizer bipods

    Can anyone shed some light on these bipods, they look ok, compared to Harris? And the price is a little less?

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    Never heard of the Vanguard

    i have just taken in the Global Rifle version and the quality looks real good .
    I can post you one for 80


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    i have a vangaurd 9-13'' on my .17hmr, i cant fault it, i find it easy to use, never used a harris through.

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    They seem well built and good value for the money, prob give it whirl see what it makes of its self.
    ​cheers paul

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    i like mine, cant fault it
    where about are you in staffs, if your not to fair away your more then welcome to meet up and have a look at mine

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    I have three of them. They are fine.~Muir

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