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Thread: Woburn Abbey's Big Boy

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    Woburn Abbey's Big Boy

    Anyone else surprised to learn from countryfile that Woburn have the stag (Big Boy)with most points(40) still alive? even though he is not their oldest Stud Stag.
    i knew they held some superb Gold/World records but thought that 32 points was their max. i was also surprised to hear that NZ holds the record for most points on a wild beast. Can this be confirmed by any of the Pro's here?

    Just out of curiosity what trophies do you gents have on your walls (red only) that are up there with the big guns? and what areas (geographical) and dates would these trophies have come from. interested to see any big differences between park and wild regarding antler weight and size



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    I believe Furzeland's Jamie still holds the record posthumously ...

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    I have been told (by a Kiwi) that there is a practice in NZ where they nick the growing velvet antlers with a blade to induce "more points"
    "you nae be needing these no more"
    I said as I slipped the knife through the cord

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    Ok a bit weird, but nothing surprises me in this life.


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    Woburn Deer Farm ~ Red Deer GeneticsVisit Woburn Deer Park

    For further information please contact us:
    Head Deer Keeper Dan De Baerdemaecker
    at Woburn Abbey, Milton Keynes, MK17 9PQDDeBaerdemaecker@bedfordestates.com01525 290333
    The World renowned Woburn Red Deer Farm was set up in 1993, with a long term vision of maximising the potential of the Woburn Red Deer genetics.

    Amazing Antlers

    The Red Deer have been at Woburn Park for over 150 years and are revered for the quality of their antlers. At Woburn Deer Farm, we are now able to selectively breed these deer and the results have been outstanding. Woburn have held 3 world records with SCI and CIC.

    Our aim is to breed with only the very best Red Deer taken from Woburn Park and continue to produce some of the biggest antlered Red Deer in the world.

    Our Awards

    First stag ever
    Scored over 600 SCI in 2007
    Current CIC
    World record holder - 2009
    Current SCI
    World record holder - 2009
    Further Information

    Find out about our partner in New Zealand.
    Sire Stags 2012

    Sackville (pictured left)

    Age: 14
    No. of Points: 32
    Antler Weight: 15.2kg
    Antler Length: 101.60 cm

    Big Boy (pictured right)

    570 SCI
    Age: 12
    No. of Points: 40
    Antler Weight: 13kg
    Antler Length: 109.22 cm
    Recent Sires


    Age: 7
    No. of Points: 36
    Antler Weight: 10.5kg
    Antler Length: 91.44 cm


    Age: 12
    No. of Points: 34
    Antler Weight: 12.2kg
    Antler Length: 97.79 cm


    Age: 13
    No. of Points: 40
    Antler Weight: 14.2kg
    Antler Length: 101.60 cm
    Spikers and Park Stag

    Woburn Deer around the World

    We have exported deer all around the world, we are experienced in all aspects of movement, testing and transportation. The welfare of our deer is paramount as is the trust and integrity of our relationships with our clients.

    Woburn Deer Farm ~ Red Deer Genetics

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    That answers my first question, impressive.


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    Peel Forest is a spectacle to behold, I was fortunate enough to be at a Trophy Sale back in 2004, having come off a season at Atholl it was like walking into the deer equivalent of Jurassic Park!



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    Peel are furzeland and your right they are incredible

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    I've been to woburn a couple of times once to stalk and once to have a day with the keepers. Their stags are huge. Their farm stags are unbelievable as well as the park stags, some of which are over 40 points. Some monsters in there. Found a few barashinga antlers in their private collection hidden from the public. They've a great range of species and huge stags.

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    There's a few stags over 40 points in various areas in England.

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