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Thread: Old Fashioned weather predictions and sayings

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    Old Fashioned weather predictions and sayings


    Just wondering if anyone has any decent old fashioned type weather sayings or forecasting signs.

    I often think a lot of the old ways are sometimes never that far away and a lot off the old country men really noticed things and changes in things more than we do now,

    My old headkeeper used to always say

    Ash before lime going to be fine, Lime before ash in for a splash. Must admit over the past 4-5 years this seems to work in my area as Ash have been very slow to leaf althou this year were 1 of the first trees out and wee had a great summer.

    I think there is a second verse to do with when the leaves come off/fall but i can never mind it.

    Althou I fairly recently heard the other ash one. Ash before oak in for a soak, Oak before Ash in for a splash. But it seems to contridict the last 1 and has been the oppisate over the last 5 years.
    Now i think it just because they rythme

    The other one i was always taught The more haws the more snaws. I have never seen so many berries on either Hawthorn or Rowan trees this year absolutely heaving, is that a sign of a bad winter to come or just a sign that we've had a very good summer. I always thought itwas natures way of preparing birds for a long winter

    PS slightly off topic but has anyone seen many sloes? Been round a few places that are usually good and while better than last year where they were non existant but even this year only occasional berries, possibly only seeing 20 or 30 odd in 100m worth off bushes. Is that the same all over. With the sloes flowering later than normal i hoped might be in for a decent year for them

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    a lot of sloes around here, a sure sign of a frost or snow is the blackthorn in flower,known locally as the blackthorn winter.

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    Shepherds rhyme

    Red sky at night Shepherds delight , --- Red sky in`t morning Barns on fire

    Seatrout Fishing
    Red Sky at night and the fishing is S***E (Vulgarities aside this is very true)

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    I can smell snow when it`s on the way.

    Does that count?

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    One that usually rings true is 'rain at seven dry by eleven'

    You do get the odd day where it lashes it down all day but on the whole its usually right.

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    Black sky at night, night

    black sky in the morning, woke up in the night.

    If November ice will hold a duck the winter will be but slush and muck

    Ash before oak your in for a soak Oak before ash your in for a splash

    He who baths in May will soon be laid in clay
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    When the wind blows West, fish feed best. Wind blows East, fish feed least. Wind blows might as well f orf.

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    Down our way its ash beforoak in for a soak and oak before ash in for a splash

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    But does the ash before oak ever work? Possibly a pure coincidence but the ash and lime one has worked fairly well for last few summers in sw scotland, infact the ash were so late 2 and 3 years ago most of my neighbours thought the trees had died and they were shocking summers.
    The ash beat the oak out up here this year and had a good summer yet according to rythme should have been a soak!

    Does anyone know the verse about shedding there leaves? sure meant to predict wot type off winter were in for

    Taff when does ur blackthorn flower down ur way? Never heard off a blackthorn winter before. Usually the first bush/tree to flower up here well before most trees have even got a buds on never mind leafs, but usually march or april time so winter mibee not over but defo changing

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    Scarlet pimpernel.
    this wee flower gives you a good few hours warning before rain- if it's open-sunny, if it's closed, rain Is on it's way.
    Heard it called tramps weather vain before as well.

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