So finally reached my 1,000 post. Lots of banal stuff coming from my twitching keyboard, plenty of armchair warrior advice if anybody was going to be stupid enough to listen to me.

So I thought, well, as I have a reputation to uphold (even if it is in my own head) I must come out with something deep and meaningful. Hmmm never managed to do that yet, ok move on grasshopper.
Something thoughtful to make people go "AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhh". No, not likely, judging from the comments from some of you lot put on my write ups I would be lucky if I wasn't accused of some heinous crime.

Something witty? Naw, I would get distracted and forget the punch line. "Not like that, its a yoyo!!!"

Oh, jeez this is difficult,

What about some kit advice? Oh Gawd no, I would get slaughtered. Everybody has an opinion on their kit and they think it is far better than mine.... even though its not.
I could start a debate on bullet placement. That could be fun.

What about Dear management? No that's not a misspelling. Well I know f all about deer management, I can just about manage my dear after 17 years.
. I can advise anyone how to wind herself up.

Ok I'm getting fed up now. I cant think of anything to write.
you know what? stuff the 1,000th post. It's far too stressful.My brain has gone blank

Happy 1,000 post to me. Now I'm going off to find some poor sod and tell them they are doing it all wrong. 243 is an excellent calibre for 600 yard shots at Reds