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Thread: Charles osborne shotgun dating

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    Charles osborne shotgun dating

    Is anyone able to help date a charles osborne hammer gun. serial number is in the 74500 area.

    any help would be very welcome

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    oops, my mistake, I thought this was an ad for a redneck dating service.........carry on.


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    I doubt the records are out there for charles osbourne but will have a look when i get home. Can you post some picks as these will tell us a lot e.g. Type of action front or back action, rebounding or non rebounding hammers, type of fore end, snap on or anson and deely, top lever or rotary under lever, has it got damascas barrels etc.

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    Hi looked up my books no record of any production nos seem to exist all I can tell you is he was a london maker from 1881-1899 then was in south africa from 1899-1928 If you can provide some pictures of the original proof marks I may be able to give you a rough date when it was manufactured hope this helps

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    I have a non-ejector hammer less Chas. Osbourne, I had no idea it could be that old, I just spent a couple of hundred having it serviced and re-blued, maybe it was worth it.

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