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Thread: Sako 85 - which optilock height

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    Sako 85 - which optilock height

    Hi guys
    I am picking up a new stainless synthetic Sako 85 in 243 calibre this week. I have a Zeiss Duralyt 3-12 x 50IR scope to put on it, I want to mount the scope using a set of stainless steel Optilock bases and 30mm rings but I could do with a bit of advice as to which height rings to go for. I am probably going to fit a set of butler creek lens covers on so I think the medium height rings are probably the way to go, But I wondered if I could get away with using the low version without the objective scope cover rubbing the action.
    Also is there any real advantage of using low rings compared to medium ones. I have read that the lower the scope is mounted to the bore the better, but in reality does it make any noticeable difference?. You views would be greatly appreciated.
    Many thanks.

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    Low Optilock will do the job. I have same setup in 30-06 with 8x56 S&B with butler creeks and mine are low's

    hope this helps
    ​UK Guy

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    I'd go for the lowest set possible. The low mount height not only gets the scope closer to the bore, but for me gives a better cheek weld on the low comb of the 85's stock.
    I use the one piece 'Ringmount' Optilocks, which are a tad lower than two piece extra lows, and I have a mm or two barrel clearance to spare under a 50mm objective with Butler Creek cover. Mine is a standard hunting weight barrel in a long action.
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    Would agree with the voys. Go for the low. I have the low with a 3-12x50 swar on my 85. Its perfect.

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    Go for the 30mm low ringmounts or the extra low 30mm rings and bases.
    You will still have enough clearance to fit a scope cover.

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    same rifle same scope use'g medim optilocks but iv got around 10 mm under front obj so if i had a set would have gone low or ex low .i use a 1/4 riser cheek so its fine for now
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    It looks to be lows or even extra lows then.
    many thanks for the replies , much appreciated .

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    I think you are collecting the sako from me..... look forward to meeting up.

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    If you go on the Sako website it gives you all the measurements you need to decide which mounts you need. I use the Optilock 30mm LO mounts and they fit either my Docter Optic x48 or my S&B x50 with caps - on a Sako 85.

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    Thanks for the info guys, I am starting to really like the look of the one piece optilock ring mounts as opposed to the normal 2 piece Optilock rings and mounts which most people seem to use. The 30mm stainless ring mounts only come in one height (low ), interestingly I phoned GMK to seek advice, I have been told by them that the maximum scope objective lens that can be used with them is 43mm according to the data they have, this appears to be wrong as SD members who have actually used these mounts have found that a 50mm scope can be used with butler creeks fitted also.
    A bit frustrating when the importers are giving out inaccurate information!... I have just missed out on a very good condition used set advertised in the classified adds so I will be looking at getting a new set ASAP, failing that it will be the two piece Lows I think.
    Many thanks for your replies.

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