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Thread: L7 reticule

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    L7 reticule

    Anyone use a S&B L7 reticule? Have been offered a 2.5-10x56 secondhand but not sure about reticule. Seems a bit fine?


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    It's listed as a hunting reticle. It's your call. If the price is right, go for it. Regards JCS

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    I think mine is a L7 but illuminated. 8x56 great for a stalking scope. You won't go far wrong for a point and shoot without all the fancy mil dots etc.......

    your choice at the end of the day


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    Thanks guys it is virtually new it is the illuminated version and he wants 800 for it which seems right on the money from what I see advertised.

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    +1 I have this scope and it's excellent.

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    I have the non illuminated version it's fantastic

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