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Thread: moderator help 22 magnum

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    moderator help 22 magnum

    hi can anyone give me a good idea on what is a good moderator for a 22 magnum. at the monent i am using a ase ultra from jackson rifles on my 22 magnum anschutz. but still find this to be too noisy and too much of a crack and a big echo. i know the environment which i shoot does matter and i know the echo will be because of the trees or the surrounding area. and i know the magnum rounds are hard to suppress.....any ideas .....or go gack to 22lr thanks terry

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    terenzo put your money back in your pocket i own a ase ultra mod and a t8 and i was out testing them both on my .17hmr which obviously isnt a millon miles away from your .22 magnum and there is absolutly bugger all diffrence the ase mod is a very good mod and i think you will struggle to beat it on a rimfire

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