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Thread: .300 win mag or .30-06

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    .300 win mag or .30-06

    Hi all I'm in the market for a new rifle and torn between .30-06 & .300 win mag.
    Just after info on either calibre please,good and bad reports!!
    Will be used for the larger deer species and I've promised myself a trip to Africa when I'm 40 so would be taking there as well.
    Thanks for any advice given

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    I went for the 300wm and have also been on a trip to africa hunting (unfortunately didn't take my 300wm as I didn't have it at the time so used a 375 H&H) so can't comment.

    Overall it is great. I think it is a slight overkill for UK deer but I prefer to knock down a beast if the worst happens and the shot placement goes poorly. I'm sure I will get laughed at here but I load my own rounds and put 200gr Sierras in and 75gr of N160 to make sure the above happens to what is mainly fallow around my part of the world. A waste of powder and weight you may say but I haven't had anything run off on me yet!

    Points to think about:

    Very, very loud- get a moderator

    Nice flat round and good for reloading. I have shot well beyond 400yards comfortable that I could cleanly kill the beast

    Recoil is significant- I put an AICS chassis on to help this but if you are woodland stalking and not in a hide you'll need to do a bit of gym work beforehand!

    Beware of the flinch! I developed one in anticpation of the shot and only just got rid of it.

    All the best


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    30-06 unless you are going to those backward countries where it it illegal.~Muir

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    I have had a few of each and personally I would go 300WM every time Get it in the right rifle with a mod and the recoil is nothing. 30.06 is a good round though but for me its the 300.

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    I have a 270 and added a 300WM to it
    I liked the similar trajectory of the larger bullets but also that I can travel to France with it (30-06 is out)

    it is loud, but i am not sure it is any louder than the .270 (also unmoderated)
    I haven't christened it yet, that comes later this week hopefully!
    but I expect it to do what it says on the tin.

    My stock is a bit short for me but with a temporary slip over shotgun pad it fits and the recoil is fine, bit more than the .270 even without a muzzle brake but certainly nothing nasty. just hold on!

    not convinced the 30-06 is any less gun but if you ever intend to travel to France their is only one to chose from

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muir View Post
    30-06 unless you are going to those backward countries where it it illegal.~Muir
    Less of a problem now Muir, as of 7th this month, France is fine for the .30-'06.



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    30-06 really liking mine and good news as allowed in France now, long barrel life which swung it for me for general use have advantages over the 300wm though I do like the wm alot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scrumbag View Post
    Less of a problem now Muir, as of 7th this month, France is fine for the .30-'06.



    that's awesome news scrummy

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    Quote Originally Posted by PKL View Post
    that's awesome news scrummy
    I can't take credit, French David flagged it. (His thread is here:

    So, everyone tip their hats to FD



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