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Thread: different deer,different loads

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    different deer,different loads

    ok be gentle i'm new so here goes.
    i've joined a syndicate for the new year in scotland,fallow sika red and roe,100gr minimium i believe and .243 after fac comes through.
    do you all use the same load for all specieses or can i cut back to say 70 - 75 v max roes etc.
    also what recommendations to use in my .243
    many thanks

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    100 grain soft point will do all you require
    no point messing about changing to different weights and heads as it means you may hav to re-zero with each type of bullet choice
    yes i know that you can allow for the difference but why add more hassle in the first place especialy as you could be shooting 200+ yards
    and the other thing about using lighter bullets on Roe
    what happens if a red or sika stands out will you still shoot at it with the lighter bullet or give up the chance of bagging a beast as you think the lighter bullet is not man enough
    personaly stick to one bullet choice that will easily deal with the biggest of the deer you are shooting as it will do for the smallest aswell

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    I'm with Stone on this one.
    One rifle, one bullet weight, one brand. Don't add variables to an already unpredictable sport. There are enough things to weigh up, distance, weather, terrain, vanishing chances at ghost like deer. Keep as much as you can as simple as you can. No one learns without asking questions. Never feel it's too simple to ask about something you don't understand.

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    Excellent advice, to which I'll add try several brands of commercial ammo - chances are you'll find quite a variation in group sizes before you can decide which one actually suits your rifle best.

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    Spot on replies from Stone and Buckup. Find a 100grn factory load that is accurate in your rifle then buy plenty and get shooting, get to know your rifle and enjoy the stalking. Good luck. JC

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