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Thread: A good idea, or crap?

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    A good idea, or crap?

    I know a few of the guys on SD like to camp over on their leases, using minimal equipment and tarps/hammocks.

    To this end, and subject to thorough testing, do you guys think this product could be popular?

    Nothing to do with my business but would consider stocking it if it was any good.

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    Clever idea similar to some of the fishing bivi's ive seen, i know a lad who used 1 this year for the odd festival he did mention that he would tarp it if looking like rain!! i think he gave 130 quid.


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    £135 inc p&p

    Cracking idea, and it will sell I'm sure, but I'll stick with my bivvy bag & rollmat
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    I like that be ideal for me set up near one of my bait stations when I stag on to wait for Charlie what sort of money woul these go for roundabout

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    I think they are around 130 quid, but I would need to test out the waterproof qualities before I would be convinced.

    As we have a lease at Eskdalemuir, I'm pretty sure that finding rain won't be a problem!

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    looks a great idea to me,

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    cracking idea,they do look a little short,can a 6 plus big man get in one ??

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    Any idea of the dimensions, especially length?. It looks a little on the short side for the taller of us. Good idea though, it should sell well I think.

    Pipped at the post

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    Quote Originally Posted by see it shoot it View Post
    cracking idea,they do look a little short,can a 6 plus big man get in one ??
    ​Just waiting on them getting back to me....

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    decathlon used to sell them but i went for a Nash carp bivvy more room for the toys and a brew

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