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Thread: OMG..Ministers to given last say on 'humaneness when culling'!!

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    OMG..Ministers to be given last say on 'humaneness when culling'!!

    According to reports today, concerning the recent badger cull there were 'no definitive criteria for determining humaneness' surely there can be no grey area here.
    So when i am stalking, hunting generally, controlling vermin or fishing and will have to kill the said prey species i would try to use the best and most appropriate method of swift dispatch, causing the very least in pain and suffering, i think this must be the one and only way of doing this and would regard it as obvious ethical common sense, or am i missing something? Do others that have to do a similar task have an alternative?

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    It looks very odd indeed and I'm trying to find out more.

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    It's an incorrect article. There is a comment on the DEFRA site that the assessment will be done by a panel of experts although the final decision will be a ministerial one.

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    Well i have been looking all day at various reports, write ups and opinion on this and its a fiasco from start to finish IMO, with so many involved bodies it seems that not one is happy to give final say on the point of 'what constitutes humaneness, so the final decision is to be given to ministers so they can be held accountable by the public.
    However i can not see one that states the definitive criteria for 'humaneness' not even DEFRA and that is the point i have raised. Was that in the notes you read?

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    In fairness to DEFRA as there is no "official" shooting of badgers no-one can say for certainty what the effect of shooting them will be. ANyone who shoots will have a very good idea, which is that correctly placed, just as with deer or fox, it will be highly effective. I'm hoping that the assessment will be simple - good shot, instant or near instant death; acceptable shot, death within say 2 minutes; poor shot. But I have no idea.

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    I do not doubt the professionalism of the shooters or DEFRA's Experts best intentions at all, what i find unnerving is the ammo being given to the anti's via the media & www.

    oh well cheers

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