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Thread: Barrel Lenght - difference in mod noise

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    Barrel Lenght - difference in mod noise

    Hi all,

    I have a couple of 30-06 guns one shorter than the other. I have noticed a difference in noise using an A-tec maxim mod on both. Is it due to the barrel length ?

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    Yes the shorter the barrel the louder the report.


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    By all means correct me if im wrong, but i would also imagine it would be dependent on the burn rate of your powder. A faster powder in the shorter barrel might lower the report.


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    Yes it may depend on powder to some extent milder vs hot loads that seems to make sense, also shorter barrels brings you closer to the report and that will make a difference on the perceived muzzle blast maybe that's the most important aspect.
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    Thanks a lot guys. The Ammo that I am using is the sellier & bellot 180 grain. Not sure what powder they use.

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    The shorter barrel puts the muzzle closer to you and the inverse square law applies!!!!


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