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Thread: roe & sika

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    roe & sika

    went for a walk around my permission on the last day of the season for a roe buck and spotted a sika that seemed to be having trouble on one of its rear legs. i also noticed the antlers were uneven and decided that this would be an ideal cull stag and so it was taken . on closer inspection the stag had a rear hoof missing that seemed to be a recent injury, most probably from a snare. when returning with the landrover i came across the elusive roe buck that has given me the run around lately he had appeared in the same field that the sika was taken from so after a long stalk he was also taken. a good end to the season for me. looking forward to the doe and hind cull

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    a vey nice roe buck ! well done also nice one on the sika , shame about the poor buggers leg ..

    cheers lee

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    well done mate,you did the sika a favour.nice looking roe buck you had there.

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    roe buck

    Thats a cracking roe buck and a nice end to the season well done.
    Ive seen three very nice bucks my self since monday typical. but they will be there for next year. (and 6 does so far)

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    An excellent end to the season for you.

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