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Thread: Hernias in puppy

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    Hernias in puppy

    A friend of mine sold a puppy with what I thought was caused by the bitch pulling and cutting the
    navel cord too short and left the navel a little swollen and I was always made to believe it would grow together.The person he sold it to took it to vet for first inoculation and was told it was Conjenical Umbilical Hernie and it is hereditary and should not be bred from,is anybody come across this .And my question would be either or both must be carriers. Is there any DNA, tetests for this problem.

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    There was a post on this a few months back if you do a search on hernias you should find it.

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    Hernias can be heredatory and also caused by a bitch nipping or pulling to close. It is not really a problem and can be stiched up best time around a year old.

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    I'm unaware of any evidence of certainty over the cause. Could be genetic, could be caused by cord trauma. I suspect that there is an inherited component and I have seen litters with every single pup affected (but you could equally postulate the bitch pulled and chewed all the cords extra hard....).

    Many umbilical hernias are small and of little consequence. If it's a bitch and you have her spayed they are corrected anyway - it can slightly complicate entry to the abdomen and make the surgery a little longer. If the hernia is very large, or of a size where gut may become entrapped then something needs to be done.

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