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Thread: Poacher - worst case scenario

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    Poacher - worst case scenario

    I just have seen the news about the Austrian alleged poacher who was cornered by the special police and he proceeded to shoot his way out.
    Three police officers and a paramedic are now dead.
    This was the reason I was given about the permission I was given to own two pistols on top of rifles and shotguns as an official hunter - Jagdschein holder (sort of an FAC) in Germany. "You never know what you could come up against in the forest so you need the right to have protection, and poachers have had a long tradition of killing if caught in the German/Austrian culture" (see Georg Jennerwein in wiki).
    Just a thought.
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    My wife mentioned this to me this evening. Pretty shocking news. According to Sky News, the poacher is holed up at his home and has hand grenades in his possession.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oh6 View Post
    Poor Bethany.......................poor girl can hardly string a sentence together.

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    that's all a bit heavy...

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    Terrible situation my heart goes out to the families of the murdered officers , I can't help but think responsible gun owners will be the ones criticized by the media .....
    There are no perfect men in this world ..... Only perfect intentions

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    And we complain when plod won't chase poachers!


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    The police needed 3 armoured vehicles as backup to storm his farmhouse and after searching through each room with no sign of him they found a hidden room (an atomic war bunker, which is quite common in Austria as they are neutral) where inside it was on fire and a charred body was found there. I hope that it was the shooter as he had killed so many you never know till the DNA tests prove it out.
    The Austrian police will take a much harder line on poachers in future IMO.

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    I heard on R4 that the guns were all legally held. Not good.

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    He may have had legal guns due to having an Austrian jagdkarte (license) but without his own revier (lease) or a permission to hunt from a revier owner he would have been poaching all the beasts that he was shooting.
    Still hard for the legal gun owners.
    It seems there is a percentage of the population maybe around 0.001% that will sometime in their lives totally lose it in some way with a bat knife gun fist etc and no law can control that sad reality.
    maybe if we were all kept in cages from our birth until our death it would satisfy the do gooders.

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