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    Hi folks.Do anyone can recommend quiet mod for 308.

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    I have over the years tried many moderators and they all have worked well to a point some where quieter than others some where heavy I finally settled on the a-tec maxim which is both light and reflex over barrel design, with the option to add more baffles if you want to make it more effective it comes as standard with 4 baffles I currently run 5 on mine I really like this moderator xtra baffles are about 25 available from jackson rifles, another mod you might want to consider is the wildcat predator 8 I run one on my 17 rem foxing rifle and would be happy with either.

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    I also use an Atec Maxim with an extra baffle for my .308. They are effective but on the heavy side, have been eying up the new Atec Carbon although no reviews around yet. Should be a good bit lighter and as effective if the hype is anything to go by.

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    ASE Utra, quiet, and nowhere near as heavy as the lump on the other end of the barrel !
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    i use a t8 on the .308 but as i now have a hardy g 4 on the .243 and am very happy with the mod iam going to get one for the .308 very light

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    Pes T12. Quietest by far (IMHO)
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    T8 on mine which seems to do the job very well.
    T8 on the 243 good too
    DM80 on the 17rem..excellent as it can be taken apart for cleaning
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    I use Jim Baker Marauder stainless mods on my 308, 222, 223 AI and soon to be .17CF custom. They're british, slim (no seeing them in the scope or lamp reflections), reflex/over barrel style and totally maintenance free, as well as being quieter and lighter than a T8 or any of the Wildcat mods.

    They apparently now come in a few different sizes to cover all calibres too, so they're all I'll buy now for my CF's..
    I just leave them to dry out on the radiator after use and that's it!

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    I am with you SaltLick
    I had one made by jim baker, jim as started making moderators range of calibres and fittings,
    I went to see him to test fired one and i must say the Sound reduction on my rifle(22-250) and (243)was ace , i had a T8 on my rifle but this new one offers a lot better sound reduction.
    It is made of stainless steel and is a sealed unit consisting of a series of welded baffles forward of the muzzle, with a large rear expansion chamber that sits over the barrel its powder coating on the out side , the powder coating can be done in any colours, jim said i could have a pink one!!!!

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    Another one here for the t8, good to clean and maintain aswell.
    had t8 on my .223 for years now never had any issues!

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