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Thread: Third Eye Tactical moderator.

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    Third Eye Tactical moderator.

    Can anyone can tell me efficiency of this moderator

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    My personal experience in comparison to T8 and PES T12 was although light it was very loud and made very little difference on muzzle flip, it was returned for a full refund a day or two after testing and then the delight if having to do a one for one variation to get the PES I should have bought in the first place.
    No doubt it's a beautiful display of engineering but there are quieter mods on the market.
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    Value for money, excellent performance, superb quality, superb service and British designed and built. Gets my vote EVERY time.

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    I have 2 and am happy, considering a third!

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    its well made and a nice package but there are quieter mods. My S5 is quieter although im not sure it makes any practical difference.

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    Very happy with mine, which replaced a T8.
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    Me too got one on my 223 and just got the inner bits for my 204 two for one very happy

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    got one on my 243 quite light well made & stripable not as quiet as my pes i must say but good customer service & the ability to change thread so you can use on another rifle. if i was looking to buy another mod tho i would seriously look at the hardy gen 4... bought one a few months ago lighter than the third eye, quieter & has a built in muzzle brake! quality bit of kit!

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    More than happy with my T.E.T. Mine has the built in muzzle brake and stainless inserts in the alluminium baffles to prevent gas cutting but keep the weight down. Some mods are quieter, some are smaller and some are lighter, but i think the T.E.T. as a package does everything rather well.


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    Hi Mindy,
    my mate has one and whenever he is the other side of the wood stalking and we meet up later I have to ask him if he has shot anything as I never hear his reports.
    I am an A-Tec Maxim man myself but if I was considering another I would probably go for one of them.

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