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Thread: 30-06 gun building

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    30-06 gun building

    Hi all

    Need some advise on which gun to buy. I have a budget of 2500 -2700 pounds for the gun, scope and mod. Could you help in building me one. Very keen on the zeiss duralyte 3-12x50 illuminated. Other than this i am not sure which rifle or mod. Confused between the sako, tikka, mannlicher and saur. Would have loved the mo3 however it's out of my budget. Looking for a wood blue finish.

    Appreciate your help.



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    get a smith to source a mauser 98 action (german, fn, peruvian 1909 or argentine 1909, or chilean 1912). install a good timney trigger. install a 3 position horizontal safety. get him to build you a nice walnut stock with ebony tip and grip cap, get a custom sporter barrel installed. get a fold down hood front sight and 2 leaf express rear sight. buy new bottom metal with a hinged floorplate. get it all rust blued.

    oh, consider clawmounts, if the action is not drilled and tapped on the front receiver, use a clawmount barrel saddle and a rail mounted scope...

    ...or, go the easy route and buy a sako 85 in 30-06 with a 6x42 zeiss or S&B (which is all you'll need) using optilock mounts

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    Sako rifle, ASE Utra SL5 Mod. Oh, and Optilock mounts!

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    If your stalking and walking get yourself a sako finlight with best optics you can afford. My most expensive and by far the best are the zeiss ht range. You should try swaros as well everybodys eyes are different so they might be good for you.the mod would be an alluminium atec modular type from jackson rifles again very light. Mounts optilock
    if this is over your budget go for the tikka with above combo.

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    Nice to see someone with a realistic budget for a nice setup. My advice is go Sako 75 (good secondhand), optilock mounts, ASE Northstar or Hardy moderator then blow the rest of your budget on a ex demo or secondhand Swarovski Z6i 3-18, 2.5-15 or 5-30. Don't compromise on the optics by getting the bottom end Zeiss.

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    Thank you all. Wanted a sako always so shall go with it.

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    My advice is as always handle the rifle and then handle some others and pick the one that feels most comfortable to YOU.

    If at all possible try to shoot the rifle that your interested in and again go with what feels best to you. Forget brand loyalty the rifle must fit you for you to get the most out of it.

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    remember,,whilts sako are great,,there are lemons between them too! like BH said, handle and test shoot before parting dosh!

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    For a brand new package (which is always nice!)

    A Tikka T3 in 30-06 will be around 750
    A ziess duralyt will be around 1,000
    A nice A-Tec mod will be around - 200
    Mounts say 100
    a sling 20
    and some rounds 30
    so 2,100 with some change for other things...

    or you go up a notch and buy a Sauer 101 at 1,500 and the package costs 2,850

    I can say having the T3 in 30-06 - it is a nice rifle but it is not quite up to the sauer.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Monkey Spanker View Post
    Sako rifle, ASE Utra SL5 Mod. Oh, and Optilock mounts!
    Just like mine.

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