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Thread: Does A Grolloch Put Other Deer Off?

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    Does A Grolloch Put Other Deer Off?

    Had a chat with a friend today about how some folk think leaving a gralloch or even shooting a beast on a particular area will put off other deer for a while. We have both heard some stalkers saying it does. Personally I think it's a lot of c**p.

    Any other thoughts on it as no doubt folk new to stalking may be swayed by such opinion...?

    (not sure if it's been discussed before so apologies if it has...)
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    I shot a buck friday evening then another no more than 50yards from where the grollach was being feasted on by those big brown crows. Id watched a doe and twins walk within 5 yards of the same grollach without showing any reaction before shooting the second buck, so Id say no.
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    I agree with Tony..

    With one of my permissions being only 20 acres, its been surprising the number of times whilst stripping one deer another has presented itself.

    I have taken two deer many times on the same outing so agree with you and your mate that it most likely does not affect other deer.
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    With the amount of Foxes and Badgers about i wouldn`t have thought it would be there long enough to worry about.
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    I would say the opposite! Deer are curious and will often sniff the area where blood and guts have been or are. Round here you shoot a Muntjac and two come to the funeral!
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    Totally opposite imo.Many times we have watched roe walk straight to a gralloch and have a good sniff withoot and feeding around it.First noticed it at night when waiting for foxes under a big moon and happened regulary when baiting with gralloch.

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    No not bothered ,but I have seen deer jump over trail in the grass rather than walk through it !

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    Shot a buck, early evening, from a raised doe box, did the gralloch and left it there with the intention of sitting in the box later to wait for Charlie. Dragged buck back to the car and went back to the doe box about an hour later. When a doe appeared, was feeding in same area, then sniffed at the gralloch, then appeared to track where I dragged the buck carcass, right past the doe box and along the track towards my car.
    So in answer gralloch does not put other deer off.

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    In my experience it doesn't bother them but they seem to be curious about it having a sniff about, not quite the same but i shot a buck on a level 2 stalk and a doe followed the blood trail sniffing blood spatter on leaves as she went along again not bothered and she took ages over it ,atb wayne
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    Grallochs upset people more than deer so we remove ours and place them out of the way. More upsetting to deer would be were we do the toilet that should have a bit more thought at times.

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