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Thread: Ase Utra North Star

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    Ase Utra North Star

    Ase Utra North Star fullbore moderator

    I am thinking of buying the Northstar mod has anyone got one, what do they think of it, do you have any concerns about them, have they any photos of mod and rifle set up.


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    Gary, I have just put one on my .308 win. Too early to comment much as I don't use this rifle much but it seems fine. The build quality is very good and, in my opinion, the fact that it doesn't come apart is a good thing. I think I paid 305 including shortening the barrel, threading and re-crowning which I now believe was a bit on the high side but I am not complaining because the work was done well and promptly by a skilled craftsman. Initially I was a little concerned about the fact that it doesn't touch the barrel at the rear end but now I thing that is a good thing. One thing that I would say is, whatever you get, have it fitted by a reliable person, I often hear horror stories about badly threaded and crowned rifles giving all sorts of problems. JC

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    I have one on my 6.5x55 and it works well indeed; very well made and compact. The rifle seems a little more 'pointable' than my 30-06 fitted with a T8, but saying that, the 6.5x55 has been shortened by 2 inches. Mine has been professionally painted as it was very shiny in stainless. I think you have to be a little more careful when fitting it to rifle as it has no rear bush and makes scratching the barrel quite easy,



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    are these the ones that only lengthen the barrel 4 inches

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    I have two of these moderators one on a 6.5x47 the other on a .300wsm.
    They seem to be good enough, sound reduction is about the same as my ase utra mods

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    Very good;compact, stainless and quiet what more could you want there aren't any more boxes to tick are there?
    On advice from Sariel on here painted mine with VHT black paint , looks the dogs on my Sako 75 S/S.
    Don't hesitate get one.

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    A lady I am mentoring bought one at the CLA, although the rifle is on my ticket as a second 243.

    All my other mods are T8. The North Star seems heavier and performs well and is a better quality build than the T8, which do suffer from rust problems. The North Star is expensive I think she paid 245 which is a bit topside. But as I say it works well and is well made.


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    i bought one about 2 months ago to go on my dads howa.243, so far it seems to be a great piece of kit,( still early days), its more quiter than my compact on my remmy .243.

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    Got one on my heavy barreled T3 in 308. Its alot shorter than my T8 on the 243. It takes a good amount of the bark out of it and there is no point of aim with it on or off. Thinking of getting another to replace the T8 as that has rusted and started to mark the barrel

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    we have one on our old sako 243 it is very good but dont think it is as good as the t8 we used to have, because they are much smaller in size but not much ligther than a t8 they do make it abit barrel heavy and you can only carry your gun straight up or they keep sliding down towards the ground
    and are awful off sticks and free hand but if you are using them up high seats and lying down they are good. We have also had to sand some wood out because when we used a bi pod with one it made the wood touch the barrel and then went all over the place.



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