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Thread: .222 Reloading stuff

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    .222 Reloading stuff

    .222 Rem Reloading kit

    (Please see the Firearms section for Sako 75, mounts and moderator.)

    Redding Deluxe (3) Die set .222 Rem. £50.00
    100x 50grn Hornady V-Max. £18.00
    200x 55grn Sierra Gamekings. £35.00
    Hornady (Stoney Point) Dummy case. £5.00
    100x Winchester new brass unopened. £15.00
    2x MTM 50 rnd boxes. £5.00
    400 Small rifle primers (not in photo). £20.00

    Total value if bought as individual items: £148.00. I am going to keep these items together as a package until Saturday at a total price of £135.00 (collected) or £100.00 if bought with the rifle. After Saturday I will sell them individually but prices will be as per the list above plus postage where applicable.
    This is available for collection from North Norfolk. I will only get involved in RFD transfers etc if the buyer arranges everything from their end. Please ensure that you have the correct variation before agreeing to buy.

    Enquiries by telephone please on 07920 452448 or email: ingramgc at

    Can't do photos due to photobucket being the most complicated, useless thing ever invented! Should be able to send by email or text.


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    I will take the dulex dies, dummy round and mtm boxes if you spilt it.

    “Persistence. Perfection. Patience. Power. Prioritize your passion. It keeps you sane.”
    ― Criss Jami

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    Last chance to buy this as one lot before I contact the people who have expressed an interest in individual items. Thanks, Glyn

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    On hold whilst waiting for confirmation of a buyer for the rifle. Thanks for all the enquiries.

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