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Thread: Swarovski illumination conversion kit

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    Swarovski illumination conversion kit

    I recall a while back - I thought on the Swarovski website - that I saw a kit that Swaro do to allow the conversion of a standard Habicht into one with an illuminated reticle.

    Now I can't find it and my Google skills are failing me.

    Does anyone know if this can be done ? Anyone have experience / opinions of the success or otherwise ?

    If it is economic to do so I'd like to upgrade mine.

    Many thanks !

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    Great post as I'm looking for the same clarification.



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    I've emailed Swarovski direct also, so will post any response here.

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    they cannot do it guys i asked them a few months ago it cannot be added to a scope

    ​sorry guys but your better knowing

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    Oh, bummer.

    But did they USED to be able to do it ?

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    They still do a retro fit to current models and £300 rings a bell but if i were you i would sell your old scope and buy a used illuminated one. I never use the red-dot on my two so i think the effort and cost is not worth it.

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    Do you mean this . It is fitted to my Swarovski 3-12x56 Nova. On top of the elevation turret is a piece which you can remove. The Red led goes into the hole on the elevation adjuster and is adjustable for brightness.

    Have to agree with RED DOT, had mine for 19 years and barely used it.
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    Thanks for taking the trouble to photograph and post - that looks very similar to what I recall seeing them offer as an aftermarket option on their website. I'd prefer a dot to a cross, however.

    Reddot, I take your point though I figured I'd lose more in margins on the sale and purchase, though perhaps not £300 I suppose.

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    Hmm, ok, so pretty curt response to a polite enquiry from an estabslihed customer from Swarovski customer service:

    "Only certain models can be done and it costs around £700 sterling."

    Can't say I'll be rushing to put further business their way.

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    I could be wrong, but I think that response refers to converting a non-illuminated scope such as an 8x56 to an illuminated reticle using the BE4 illumination device. I have seen that done a few times as they offered the model in both non- and illuminated versions. I am not familiar with the habicht nova conversion shown in the pictures above though and don't know if they still offer it.

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