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Thread: Bavarian Mountain Hound litter due

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    Bavarian Mountain Hound litter due

    My BMH is due a litter of pups in a couple of week’s time.

    One bitch and one dog are already accounted for through word of mouth however I’m currently looking at potential new homes for the remainder of the litter when they arrive.

    Both sire and dam are from working backgrounds and both are themselves worked and have passed the BMH society tracking test and have been hip scored.

    I have taken care with the breeding to ensure that the offspring are from lines free from health and aggression problems that some lines in this country suffer from and all pups will be KC registered with papers. The resulting litter will also have an IC half of the current average.

    Pups will be sold with the breeding conditions that they must pass a hip score and a basic tracking test before they are eligible to be bred from.

    New owners will also get free membership for a year to the Bavarian mountain hound society of Great Britain.

    The pups will have a natural tracking instinct but how you develop and nurture this will ultimately determine how good the dog can be to ensure it can reach its full potential.

    When the pups are born, I will post full details and pictures however in the meantime, if you are interested please send me a pm and I will reply.



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    Hi mate
    You have pm.

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