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Thread: Heated grips

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    Heated grips

    With winter coming and my fingers aching with pain last year whilst on my feed round I'd like some heated grips for the foreman 500 any recommendations please not too pricey mind !
    Cheers in advance

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    some of these ?
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    that's what I have on my grizzly. love them toasty and warm
    up and at um

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    with item number 161097149685 as well as the above to keep the wind and rain off you will have toasty warm hands

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    After my Forman got stolen last year decided to not by another new one bought one several years old.
    Came with a set of oxford heated grips to be honest i like them 3 heat settings and they work well.
    Have no knowledge of what they may cost but they do work hope this helps. JD

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    Special heated grips are made for quads.
    M/cycle ones are not going to work, well they work on the left grip, but due to no twist grip throttle
    don't stay on, or work properly on the right.
    You can also get heated pads that you fit under the standard grips, these have always worked well for me.
    These work well, and quick on and off, because the heat pad is wrapped round the standard grip they keep your hands a bit warmer.
    Oxford Hothands OF694 Motorcycle Heated Grips Bike Handlebar Hot Grips Over: Car Motorbike
    These are cheaper, and being R&G are likely to keep working as well.

    All that said for short trips where you are on and off all the time handlebar muffs work better and don't give the battery a caning.
    Item No 130994829538 on ebay

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    Aye my dad had heated hand grips, think the same ones as john dere mentions as had 3 settings worked well althou a waste of time for my job as on off bike so much.

    Be good if on for a decent length of time.

    If u can keep the wind off ur hands will make a massive difference, the Logic quad handle bar glove things? are great i see u can also get small fibre glass/plastic wind shields to fit in front of ur hands, can imagine they'll be good too, bloody cold things quads thou.

    Either go whole hog and get a windshield/windscreen, nothing worse than driving into freezing cold rain trying to drive throu the cracks in ur fingers

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    You need a combination of the hand guards and heated grips in order to stay toasty when its really cold.

    I have to spend a lot of time on the quad in the winter and I use both but my right thumb still gets freezing cold

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    Big thanks to a very kind SD member who gave me some brand new muffs cheers .you know who you are cheers chap

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    The new ones from Logic that we do now have a better control box and a 2 stage switch warm and bloody hot and are about 45quid plus vat and postage
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