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Thread: Some people on forums are complete T****.

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    Some people on forums are complete T****.

    Was on BBS a month ago and spotted some tyres (advertised as new) that would fit my car. I PM'd the seller, he agreed on his first PM back that he would not take them off the sales section untill monies had changed hands, but was happy to do business. I PM's back to suggest a date and time suitable for me to view and buy the tyres - and no PM back -

    PM'd again later that day and got a forum message back saying that his inbox was full and wouldn't be able to recieve messages untill the user had cleared some messages.

    Sent PM's every 3-4 days to test to see if he had cleared messages and was able to - i even PM'd the mod on the sales section asking him to email the user and tell him to clear his inbox.

    Finally got through with a PM yesterday to the seller, PM back today just saying ................SOLD................

    Just sent him a PM back stating what l thought of him - TROLLLLLLLLLLLL

    Anyone know of a tyre dealer wher you can get michelin's 16" x 9" (225 x 55 x 16") cheap??

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    I've used them in the past, and would happily use them again

  3. #3 and if you search the web you should easily be able to find a voucher code to get another ten or so percent off the total. I used them and was very impressed. You can fit the tyres yourself or nominate a garage nearby your house to do it for you.

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    Second vote for blackcircles. Been using them for several years now and always impressed with the sevice and value.

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    I second have use them twice now, great service & very good prices.


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