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Thread: Chesapeake pup.

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    Chesapeake pup.

    For Sale...
    Sire Kenmillix Lord of Sicily
    Dam Speriever Aberdun of Clanrobbo
    Chesapeake Bay Retriever male
    Nine weeks old
    Best in litter
    Hip/eye DM clear by parentage
    From working and show home
    Innoculated at six weeks
    KC registered
    This was my dogs litter hence i picked the one that seems to be the biggest and strongest
    Second mating and my pup from the first batch is winning every puppy and junior gundog show he has been in so far and will be in Crufts 2014
    1,000 (Scotland).

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    Collected the boy on Sunday he is the largest and darkest and will be a big strong dog. He had his jag and paperwork is all there. Quite a few potential owners were turned away by the breeder as not being suitable.
    All the litter have went to vetted buyers, one of which was the director of the BWA and he now runs the British Chesapeake club and he is delighted with his pup and both parents .

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    Got my boy on Dogs & Puppies - Cats & Kittens - Pets for Sale at Pets4Homes UK and search for Chesapeake bay retriever for pictures. Loving family home only and no more "underkeepers" please!!!
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    Nice looking pup, I think you need to edit the opening ad on here though.
    Work them hard, treat them like heros.

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    What is wrong with my advert??

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    Ive pm'd you Alex.
    Cracking pup, nice to see a working CBR
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    Work them hard, treat them like heros.

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    Had a look on the website for your dog, not sure if the pictures I saw were your one though as it was for sale for 800 on there?

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    Correct... Had "Logie" 99% sold today then the couple backed out due to the drive being too long. I would love to hold on to him but i have 3 already.
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    Cracking dog! I think my next will be a Chesapeake for wildfowling good luck with the sale, just wish I had the !

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    Many thanks. He is a topper. Strong, bold, intelligent and loves people and other dogs. Yes i lowered the price but when you see what Labradoodles and Cockapoos sell for i should have raised the asking price instead of lowering it!!

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