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Thread: Rifles through France ?

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    Rifles through France ?

    Hello All

    I am going Boar shooting in Germany in a couple of weeks. Plan to drive via Eurotunnel through France.

    Does anybody know if I need to get any specific paperwork/permissions to drive through France ? my calibre is OK with 7x64.

    I have read a few websites and think I only need standard docs i.e. FAC & EU Pass etc and just tell customs when I arrive ?

    Many thanks

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    Morning, I often travel to France and Germany by the tunnel and have only ever been asked for my British Cert. and the E.U. Firearms Pass. Any inspection is normally very quick as they usually don't have a clue what they are doing on the English side. On the French side they are more interested in what you have shot since many of them are hunters themselves.

    Good luck with the Boar!

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    I'm crossing borders between Zeb' ferry and Alsace and I'm told all I need is F.A.C. and E.F.P.

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    And, as you know, French customs are on UK side and UK customs are on the French side! And make sure for France you are up to date on the law on speed camera GPS systems...and metal detectors!

    Also it is an offence in France to carry more than two hundred cigarettes in a vehicle...or some odd sort of "anti-illegal-trading" legislaion!

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    Thanks for the info guys
    Anything else I need to know ?
    Will anyone actually check the rifles pre or post tunnel ?

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    Thanks for the info guys
    Anything else I need to know ?
    Will anyone actually check the rifles pre or post tunnel ?

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    Normally they will check serial numbers against both your certificates on both sides, and you must declare you are carrying firearms [there are now big signs up]. Having said this on quite a few occasions just a quick look at the certs. and you are waved through with just a red sticker to show that you are carryiny Firearms. When travelling on the Ferries the same applies but they often ask you to hand your vehicle keys to the Purser for the duration of the crossing. Honestly, having done both types of crossings lots of times, as long as both your Certs. are in order, you have nothing to worry about at all. A relaxed attitude on your part and a big show of being security minded [locked cases or slips hidden out of view and bolts always seperate to rifles] will make things a lot easier.
    Stop worrying and enjoy your trip!

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    D"ont go through France with any ex or current military calibres as it"s against their law.
    So thats the 30-06, .308, .223, various Mauser 7mms and the 8x57. A bunch of German hunters just got booked on a driven day in Alsace and are under risk of loosing their certification in Germany as they have broken a European law.

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    Just an update
    The trip was a success with all three of us getting a boar
    re the tunnel; only the UK check point was open on way out; we declared the guns, but we were only asked to show paperwork, which was given a very cursory glance; the guns were not required to be inspected or questioned. On return leg, no-one was interested ! only our passports were given brief inspection.
    In one way it was excellent for efficient travel, but in another, it bugs me we have all our FAC restrictions, when anyone can just drive into the UK with anything on board !

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