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Thread: Chainsaw Wont Start

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    Quote Originally Posted by steve109 View Post

    That could be the end of his sex life

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    Just looking at that sends shivers down my back.

    Ps is there not some adward ceromony for numpties? That must be up there

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    Darwin award I think?

    ​NHS sex change op improvements?

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    He must have some bxlls starting it like that....

    ​Its been on here before but still makes me cringe.

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    He obviously doesn't like his suit


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    Its Ok - looks to be a Stihl 171 - the 'deactivated' chainsaw!

    Wouldn't do that with a Husky
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    Trouble is with the STIHL easy start system it could start at any time.
    Please if your going to buy a Stihl then don't buy one with an easy start system. They in a way similar to winding up a clock. Get enough spring tension in it and off it goes. Very, very dangerous as I know someone who walked off from a saw and it started itself. Always ask for the base model
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