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Thread: Malformed Sika

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    Malformed Sika

    I usually take a Stag at this time of the year for my freezer before the taint of the rut renders them only fit for the dogs to eat. The Reds are still quiet here but the Sika have been whistling now for a few weeks in the evening but in the last couple of days I have heard them at all hours. So last night I went out to an area in the woodland that was felled last winter to see what was moving. Just as the light was fading four Red hinds came out of the thicket and grazed their way over an open corridor to the taller trees . Then a very dark shape caught my eye. In the narrowest bit of the thicket a Sika Stag stood for a moment then walked out. He was quickly followed by two more then a fourth appeared. They are still pals just now but beginning to be a bit wary of each other so kept 30 or so meters apart. I looked them over. The first three were all good mature beasts but the last had a strange malformed antler on his left. He was a good bit younger than the others and would make good eating so I decided to stalk in to try for him. I crossed the area where TJ had taken his Stag from on his visit a few years ago but now there are no trees here just fresh brash and forwarder tracks. This was a bit sore on my knees and elbows but I got into position with little trouble. I pushed the rifle over a tussock and slowly moved in behind the scope. A group of ducks on the lochan below me took to flight for no apparent reason and the Sika all looked up. Although I thought I was well concealed they clocked me straight away, the biggest one fled the scene with no hesitation , while the others ran to the forest margin stopping just outside the canopy. The malform was broadside -on for a second , I had him in the scope, thump-down he went. If this works you will see the picture. My lad thinks he looks like Elliot in the Disney film. He must have fractured the antler while in velvet and it healed into this shape. Due to all the Pylon work most of my land is out of bounds till the winter but see next year....

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    Nice little write up, well done with the beast, hope all that work does not scare them off the ground to much, i am sure you will forget all about the sore knees and elbows when you chow down on him..

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    Well done DB,nice write up and a 1/2 decent pic.
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    Nice to get him, well done


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    He looks a bit like the beast shot by Robbo25 that he had set up and posted on here. I saw a big Sika Stag with palmation near the same spot but this does look like damage rather than genetic. A good one to get. Fab2. (Translated and posted for fab by DJB)

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    David. Can we see the head done out please?
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    Quote Originally Posted by basil View Post
    David. Can we see the head done out please?
    With pleasure. My lad wants to take 'Elliot' to school to show his pals. Oops! David

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    Hi David I hope your well? nice animal to take, good to see your still getting out even with all the work going on.



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    Lovely, unusual head David and I'm glad some deer are sticking around to watch the super pylons go up! Hope you are well.
    All the best, Nick

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    Nice write up and nice to see a different head.

    You mentioned they clocked you fairly quickly, just wondering you are in pretty good cammo but the hat looks like it has faded a bit or is just a bit light. Not trying to teach anyone to suck eggs, just an outsiders view of the photo and a potential thought, especially at last light.

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