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Thread: Shortest moderator ?

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    Shortest moderator ?

    Right - having used my new CMM4 quite a bit now I've worked out that what I dislike most about moderators is the extra length they add to the rifle, which makes them d@mn cumbersome in close cover.

    The CMM4 is effective and also very light, the latter originally being my primary consideration. However, it still adds 18cm to the barrel, which I am finding extremely annoying.

    So, my question for the forum is, what mods are there (presumably reflex designs) that add the least overall length to the rifle ?

    Answers gratefully received.


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    Reflex mods will help or chop some inches off your barrel.

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    Hardy Gen IV adds 80mm to the length

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    The AU Jet Z Compact is steel construction Z baffle muzzle mounted with good noise reduction, but a little pricey

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    Click on the sound mods tab on Jackson rifles site. Lots of info...

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    Thanks guys, will check these out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wsm View Post
    Hardy Gen IV adds 80mm to the length
    +1 and only 290g
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    Ase Utra SL5 muzzle can adds only 98mm to length.Weighs about 400g but its all-welded stainless steel, immensely durable and maintenance free.No need for rear bush fitting, no impact on barrel cooling.Ideal for target shooting, not just low round count hunting applications.Jackson Rifles can swap the threaded insert if you ever get a rifle with a different thread.S Series SL5 sound suppressor | Ase Utra

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    Ase Utra SL5 is good at what it does and less the 4" long. It is also made from a metal that is likely to last!

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