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Thread: Blaser scope mount

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    Blaser scope mount

    Was out today and met someone with a brand new Blaser with a thumbhole synthetic stock - not really my thing but still very nice.

    It had a Zeiss mounted using a mounting system that I hadn't encountered before (it looked like this:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I was talking and not able to give it my full attention but I could have sworn when looking through it that the scope wasn't vertical without cranking the action over. However, the mounting system doesn't seem to allow this to happen - are my old eyes finally giving up?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Knottaclu View Post
    - are my old eyes finally giving up?

    Unless it was the wrong rail mount for the scope, yes it's your eyes


    ​PS: I don't actually know if you could fit say a Zeiss scope to Swaro mount ?

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    Swarovski scope mounted on Swarovski railmount.

    No margin for cant.


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    Hi All.
    Commonly après hunt I have a look at fellow hunters setup look through there sights to see the riflescope is canted and in a very obvious way and most take serious offence to this when it’s noted. By the way my scope is never canted!!!


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    Actually (as I said) it was a Zeiss mounted on something that looked like the mount in the picture I found online. Thanks for confirming what I thought - it's time for the Horlicks and an early night...

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    Sorry, thought the photo was the actual.

    Both Zeiss and Swarovski have their own rail system. No need for rings as the scope rail is part of the tube. Matches direct to the rail on the rifle mount.


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