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Thread: Ever seen one of these before

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    Ever seen one of these before

    I never have. This was shot a few days ago by a friend of mine, it had a broken leg and in pretty poor nick, the light was failing and he thought it was a hind, it needed taking out.

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    Hi Jayb,

    I cannot say I ever say one in the flesh but have seen similar in books etc. Thanks for uploading the photo and If possible it would be worth holding onto the skull as its not very common.


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    Did he check the testicles?..., could have been as a result of the broken leg but more likely a damaged testicle.
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    very interesting post and i have not seen one before ,atb wayne
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    Very interesting JB, would be good to see the skull prepared if possible. As mentioned/you'll know leg injuries usually just deform the opposite antler but they still shed their velvet, was their any testicular damage as well? What sort of age was the beast do you know?
    Thanks, Nick
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    Certainly a strange one, would be interested to see the head a later date when its boiled off etc.

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    hi john i will be up to see you in 3 weeks i hope i can see it or at least get to know a few more details about it, very unusual and very interesting atb

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    Very interesting - thanks for posting!

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    It did have damaged testicles, and was about four years old if I remember correctly. The head mount may not be up to much as it was headshot.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Thanks John, the testicular damage the most likely cause then - a la roe perruques I guess, the question is then why are perruques much more common in roe than other species I wonder?

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