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Thread: Berretta query

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    Berretta query

    Hi folks
    quick one ...hopefully someone will know

    looking at a silver pigeon grade 5 , it has "optimabore" on the barrels but cannot see a fleur de lyl for proof of steel shot.

    there is a tiny wee square mark but cannot make out what it is

    my query is how do I tell if proofed for steel? I thought optima bore was a more recent thing

    or even can I age it by serial number?


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    If there is no fleur de lys, you should not use High Performance steel loads. Check with GMK for standard ones but I think you should be ok as standard steel loads are designed to be fired in 2 3/4" chambered guns with standard proof. General points on choke, chamber length etc., apply!

    Optima-bore is more recent, having said that my old 682 Gold E, which is an early one is optima-bore and that is 12 or 13 years old now so its not that new and if I recall that was the gun it was introduced in.

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    Go on the Beretta web site there is a chart showing you how to age your gun

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    Get a Browning!

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    Quote Originally Posted by howy308 View Post
    Get a Browning!
    For the rapidly rusting barrels lol?

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