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Thread: Hello from Skipton

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    Hello from Skipton


    a very quick introduction, I've shot shotguns for a long time but am a relative newcomer to rifles and stalking. I've only had a couple of stalking rips so far, but have loved every minute of them. I know I've a lot to learn so I've booked myself on a DSC1 course starting in October to get me heading in the right direction, hopefully with a view to getting sufficient experience to enable me to find a lease somewhere.

    I'm looking forward into having a good look around here and try and glean as much information as possible.



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    Welcome to the SD

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    Hi and welcome... You've come to the right place to learn plenty of knowledgeable folks on here.

    I don't work to far from skipton.


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    welcome legolas, where are you doing your ds1?
    up and at um

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Many thanks everyone.

    Weeman, it's not a bad neck of the woods to work in.

    Waldini, I'm doing my DSC1 at Paul Lane Rifle club near Mirfield

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