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Thread: 12v accessory socket

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    12v accessory socket

    Well, that's both the 12v accessory sockets in the truck given up the ghost after lamping for a few hours. Both times it's a connecting wire in the socket itself that melts, which I'll easy repair. I shall now set about fitting a hardier socket with a proper connection capable of sustaining the current draw without generating so much heat. Using a Lightforce 170 with an as fitted cigar lighter plug, but I feel some modifications coming on. Last time it happened I was just scoping up on a fox.

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    I now use marine 12v sockets - check out Autostar on Fleabay - and they have a twist lock so they don't pull out at inopportune moments either.....

    Not had a heating issue, but I upgraded the cables too.
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    +1 red insert twist and lock type, i also have a second battery with a split charger saves dropping the car battery if sitting and not running think 70 inc the battery and correct wire and fuses

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