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Thread: Two weaver T36 scopes for sale

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    Two weaver T36 scopes for sale

    ​For sale two weaver T36 scopes for sale on black one silver in A1 condition with sun shade and box 300 each plus 15 postage . Can also provide scope rings at extra cost. Sorry no photo of silver one at this moment. Plus I BulzEyePro lens to fit weaver 70 Andy

    Webley & Scott Hurricane, break-barel pistol in .22 cal. With darts and some .22 in very good condition 100 + 15 postage

    all scope rings shown would be 150 plus 15 postage.

    fosters trimmer and all bits 100 + 15 postage.

    case chamfer tool 50 +5 postage.

    hariss bi pods 3" 6" 60+10 postage

    peper pot muzzle brake 50 + 5 postage.
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    Andy can i ask if you are just selling the scope or all the stuff in the picture.
    Is this the same scope you have.

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    yes every thing - the mag for now but that may well go if it dose not fit my AI AW when it comes .
    what were you looking at.


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    could you put prices and a list of stuff for sale feller looking at the air pistol for the lad birthday time coming up

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    case trimmer ???
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    what the thread and tpi for the muzzle brake feller or barrel OD size

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    Are these two weaverT36 scope for sale mate.

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    Andy hasn't posted on here since it from optics warehouse you know you want to

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    Though it was a long shot with the date on the post

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