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Thread: Sika Stalking with a surprise!

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    Sika Stalking with a surprise!

    I've been out with clients for the last couple of days on Sika stags and over and above it mostly successful except for yesterdays weather I had the privilege of witnessing my first sighting of a Golden Eagle in the Scottish Borders. I stalked up through a block and onto the hill and there it was sitting on a rock! it was "huge" a big female with a transmitter on its back (awesome to see) it was their in the same area most of the day.

    So not only did my client see and shoot his first ever deer that being a Sika! he also witnessed a rare sighting of a Golden eagle in the Scottish Borders (lucky man or what)
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    I have been out a few times Allan with the Ospreys buzzing around us! Not quite in the same league as a Golden Eagle, but still...

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    It was "massive" Brian! What an experience! Be prepared you might get a visit it wasn't too far from you. Beautiful bird.

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    It's a fantastic sight isn't it. Although it could have been a falconers bird if it had a transmitter on. I have been lucky enough to see three whist on various stalking days in the highlands and last time I was there I left them a Goat carcass as a thank you. Very sad that policies toward the reds on the highland estates, due to grazing pressures, will mean less and less carrion for them over the coming years. Indeed I know they are raising less and less young due to the result of the reds being culled too hard. Lets hope they still survive as when one sees one in the wild it's a magical moment.

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    I left a gralloch close to where I was watching it so hopefully it will find it accordingly! Our scottish right to leave the gralloch for the eagles does not just apply to the lads up north.

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    They are big and close up you can see why they can munch on roe

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    A few years ago on an estate between Loch Shin & Ben More, we watched as a pair of Golden Eagles chased a parcel of hinds and calves down a hillside in an attempt to injure one of the deer. Not long after, a hind was shot and an eagle landed on the carcass after it had been gralloched. We were at the time attempting to take another hind when we saw the bird land.

    It was a fair sight and gets a mention in a book I've written (whether it ever gets published is of course another matter). The keeper on the estate told us, that in June, he'd seen an eagle pick up a newly born calf, fly to some altitude and then drop the calf to kill it on rocks or the road below.
    It's another world away from my daily life here at home........
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    Beautiful bird to see,wait till you get Sea Eagle flying over head.They are huge, make Goldens look like Sparrows


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    Quote Originally Posted by Von View Post
    It was "massive" Brian! What an experience! Be prepared you might get a visit it wasn't too far from you. Beautiful bird.
    I have been spoiled TBH, as my mate on here (Nelson) hunts with them, and I have actually flown one of his off my fist at hares. It is a spectacular experience to handle them and watch what they can do up close.

    They are an incredibly powerful bird and my mate has the scars to prove it! On one occasion there was an inch between the rear tallon going in at his upper lip and exiting just below his lower eyelid, and an inch higher up and it going through his eye and into his skull! All because some inexperienced twonk didn't do as she was asked and he has been working with birds of prey for almost 40years.

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    Indeed last year we had a sea eagle, circling one of our clients pointers, was only a few feet above it, really thought it was going to have a go at but after a couple of close passes it buxxered off.

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