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Thread: Shooting in a new rifle/ barrel

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    Shooting in a new rifle/ barrel

    Just been looking on the web in between work on shooting in a new rifle /barrel
    Very diverse range of ideas from the simple to the most complex
    What's the experts views on shooting in a new barrel on a heavy barrelled sporting rifle?

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    With a factory rifle I have never bothered with a longwinded shooting in process drawn out over a period of days or weeks.

    Fire a 3 shot group and clean, if you're getting traces of copper fouling then repeat group or fire singles until you don't get any traces of copper.

    Then dry patch until they come out clean and you can see your face in the bore and away you go, works for me.

    If it's a custom barrel I would follow whatever the manufacturers guidelines are to the letter, that way if there's any problems you've done exactly what you should have.

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    I am talking about an RPA, so sort of in between. I have read the advise in the instructions which talks about shooting it in, but when talking to RPA they said you did not need to shoot it in. They just said it will take somewhere between 100 - 500 rounds before it reaches it optimum accuracy.

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    I have 'shot in' the last couple of new rifles/barrels that I've had but never used to and can't honestly say that i've noticed a difference either in accuracy or ease of cleaning later. If I was in your shoes I would do whatever RPA recomend in case you ever need to go back to them with a problem. I must say, if someone told me that I would have to wait 100-500 rnds before I got optimum accuracy from a rifle my next question would be when can I pick up my 500 free cartridges?! Hope RPA have screwed your barrel in more than hand tight not like the last two that I saw in which the barrel un-screwed from the action when the owners went to take sound moderators off! JC

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    Geoff Kobel (Border Barrells) wrote on this subject for Robert Bucknell in his Foxing with Lamp and Rifle book. It is well worth reading.

    Last month a shooting friend took delivery of a Howa 30.06 we cleaned and dried the barrell and then gave it a good squirt of Dri Slide from both ends. He left it for a week , took 20+ patches to clean it out and then he went through a shoot 1 clean 1 regime. Incidentally the barrell was much easier to clean and appeared less dirty after moly treament.

    Last week when we spoke he told me that sighting in at 100yds with factory ammo it was shooting 3 shot clover leaf groups!!

    No need to say any more.

    Incidentally when using identical hand loads in my .223 moly coated bullets shoot about 10-15 mm high.


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