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Thread: 105 AMAX in 9 twist

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    105 AMAX in 9 twist

    Does anybody have experience of shooting a 105 Amax in a 9 twist barrel.( 6mm cal )
    I would like to know if the 9 twist will fully stabilize this bullet - before I waste money on buying some.

    Thank you

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    ihave used 105 AMAX in my 243, a savage accu trigger with 1:9.25 twist 22 inch sporter barrel. I have had very good accuracy with them and achieved MOA out to 350m without a problem.

    bave used GECO 105gr factory aswell, excellent performance.



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    The Hornady website has accounts of people using them in stock 700 Remingtons with good results. Unfortunately, they also say that this is one of the bullets they have "temporarily" suspended production of. This might be a more of a reason to spend your money elsewhere than accuracy accounts. Nothing sucks more then working up a pet load for a bullet and having it -or one of the other components- discontinued. ~Muir

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    Yes Hornady temp stopping producing these bullets makes things more difficult.
    I will try some and see how it goes.

    Tam , Muir - Thanks for the replies


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    Now, you see? That impending unavailability would immediately have me looking at a different bullet unless I was planning on buying a couple of years worth. It will take that long for the market to catch up after this "temporary suspension" of production. I have 400 of the Hornady 155 grain A-Max "MATCH" bullets in my loading room. I'm sure if I start loading them I'll love them, then won't be able to get any more. ~Muir

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    I used them in my rifle, Remy 700. Shot really well, will use them again


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    I have used them in my rem 700 the barrel was a 1-9 1/4 not to bad group wise. I now use them in the same rifle but with a new 1-8 twist barrel and vit 165 powder and it now produces fantastic groups I don't think you will get the same with your twist rate but you will not know if you don't try. (and if the groups are no good you can always send me the rest of the box)

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