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Thread: Countryfile has its use

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    Countryfile has its use

    Karen [my wife] and I were watching an old Countryfile on tv tonight when it had a piece on a women's shooting syndicate in the Pennines after red grouse. During the piece Karen commented she would like to try shooting some grouse [expensive tastes].

    This is a real result as this the first time she has ever said anything about wanting to shoot a gun, let alone at a live target. She is supportive of me going deer stalking, helped me to butcher a Roe deer on the Kitchen table for the freezer and loves my roe buck head [thanks to Paul Taylor] which she allowed me to hang on the landing wall. Karen would also like a fox to join the Roe buck on the wall but that is for another thread.

    Anyway as she has never fired a gun of any sorts in her life, I said that she should start down the range, progress to some clays and then maybe try some pigeons and onwards and upwards. Maybe now is the time to consider a shotgun certificate and an FAC.

    I will take it slowly, but maybe another shooter to our ranks


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    In the same boat. Girlfriend helped me butcher up my last Roe and has just had two Clay pigeon lessons and is now looking for her own 20 bore.

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    Excellent news! looks like you are a couple of steps ahead of me.

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    Sounds like the bullet bill will be going up!

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    Quote Originally Posted by howy308 View Post
    Sounds like the bullet bill will be going up!
    I truly hope so

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    Deftly done Matthew, congratulations and count your blessings; my missus is supportive as she knows what the sport means to me, but I will sadly never see her in 'combats' let alone allowing any form of head on the wall (anywhere but my study where she can't see it)

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    We watched that episode too and everything like that helps my wife understand things a bit was good to see women shooters enjoying the sport and the gamekeeper was a sensible chap as well when asked about the sport he gave a good answer
    Enjoy yourself's later than you think !!

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    The conversation has moved on a little bit since watching Countryfile. I asked Karen yesterday that if I booked up a days introduction to shotgun shooting/clays for us both to do, would she be up for it. I got a resounding yes with no hesitation. When I followed that up by saying if she got on with that I would look into trying to get a couple of hours on pidgeons. Again a resounding yes, so this could well have some legs to it I will report on progress in a few weeks.

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    I changed channels when I heard the words Ellie, Harrison and beavers tonight, sadly I was left very disappointed...

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    Aye ...its not the first time that Ellie has tempted us with the promise of the sight of beaver ! Alas it really wasn't worth siting through the hour of utter cr4p . Can anyone tell me why the numpties were using hand saws and axes to fell trees ? Surely they haven't stopped using chain saws on environmental grounds ????

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