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    J Marttiini Finland

    Just had occasion to use a Marttiini knife this last week, met a bit of bone, my fault entirely but the edge turned like butter!, will now refine edge & limit this knife to bunny duties!, Anyone have similar experience?

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    J Marttiini Finland

    Finbear, I have the MFK-1T folding. Generally it holds a good edge but have on occasions hit bone when butchering and this does dull the edge. I usually carry a Buck diamond steel in my pocket and a few strokes brings the edge back. Overall I find it a good knife and the spring clip is a good attachment.
    I have more knives than I can remember, collected over the years and still haven't found the perfect one.

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    Hi Techy, I actually turned the edge, rather than dulled it, it may possibly be one that got away when being tempered ?

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    Finnbear, what kind of Martini knife is it? I just bought a big game fixed blade martini. Highly rated but I have to say, it's still in the box. [/u]

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    If it actually turned the edge, rather than just dull then the tempering of the knife is suspect.

    I have on occassion had to re-temper friends knives due to the tempering being inconsistent or them loosing the temper due to bad grinding.

    Dismantle the knife and re-heat. Either use a temp gauge or a magnet - the knife will have reached the right temp when it is no longer magnetic. Quench in a pre-warmed light oil and then place in a pre-heated oven at approx 200 degress for approx 4hrs. Turn the oven off but leave the knife inside to gently cool.

    PM me if you don't have the equipment and i'll do it for you.

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    Hi Jean, This one is nine & a quarter inch overall length, black rubber or kraton handle, four & half inch blade double bevel clip point I think, black leather sheath with plastic liner, & appears genuine with all markings, Scots, I thank you for your info & kind offer, but it was a relatively cheap aquisition so I'll just use it for bunnies, there are plenty more knives that are definately ok in the toy store! Steve.

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    As hard as I tried, I could not persuade the link to follow me onto this post! but it is definately the same knife. HMMMN wonder how it does that?

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