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Thread: Tikka t3 lite in .204 opinions

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    Tikka t3 lite in .204 opinions

    Ive just put in for a Tikka T3 lite in .204 flavour. I am using a Sako .22-250 for my night time foxing rifle at the minute.
    Has anyone got any opinions on this rifle calibre combo. It will be used for all vermin fox control. up to 2/300 yards.


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    I have two T3 lites in .223 and one in 7-08. I like them all and they are accurate. Chances are it will work fine. When we were at the S.H.O.T. show in Las Vegas this year a friend went to talk to the folks at Tikka. They told him that the barrels on the Tikkas are standard Sako barrels. A barrel could end up on a Tikka or a Sako depending on which worker laid hands on it first. Barrels really are the heart of the rifle and it's hard to go too far wrong with a Sako barrel. If that is indeed true what he was told, you will probably have a good shooting rifle. ~Muir

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    .20 is the new .22

    my first centre fire was a .223 T3 and I now own a couple of custom rifles and a T3 in .308.

    Wish I stuck with the .223 it plain shot.
    "If you can't see it, you can't shoot it"

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    Tikka have allways made superb shooting rifles. The sako rifles have a better finish and feel. But the tikka is much cheaper and just as accurate.

    Ive always liked the m595 tikka rifles. But now have a tikka t3 stainless lite in 223. Good trigger super smooth bolt and feeds rounds lovely due to single stack mag. What more you need.

    The laminated stainless really looks nice to. And thinking about one in 25/06 soon
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    You won't go wrong with tikka . I have a T3 in .243 and a 595 laminated stainless in .222 ,I prefer the 595 but both are accurate and reliable.

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