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Thread: Moral dilemma

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    Moral dilemma

    In the morning I will be heading up to loch morar to ghilie for a week. In anticipation of the conditions I ordered a swazi thar, although I wanted one anyway for stalking and picking up, I specifically wanted it for Scotland... It arrived on Monday, upon opening the packet I discovered it was the wrong bloody colour! E mail to swazi straight away and fair do's they said they'd send the right colour out via express courier immediately and apologised profusely and said to return the incorrect item at my convenience and they would refund any costs incurred to myself.
    The replacement item was delivered by TNT at midday yesterday but unfortunately my wife and I have to work to pay for the roof over our heads and therefore were not at home to sign for the parcel and instead of taking the sensible option and getting a neighbour to sign for it they took it back to the depot to be re delivered on Monday at the earliest, not much use when I will be ten hours north...
    now my question is, do I wear the one they sent wrong and tell them they can have it back worn or go to Scotland with out a decent waterproof? Please no should have brought this should have brought that, I just want your opinions on wether or not it would be ethical to wear the coat I have in my possession and let them decide wether they want it back or not?

    ​regards, Jez
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    I wouldnt wear it personally you weren't in when delivery was made and no alternative address .they made a determined effort you must return the item unused and hope it don't rain .
    good luck with the weather .

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    Good point but I was given no delivery date and how many folk other than the Jeremy Kyle brigade are home at midday?
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    As above really, saves a lot of grief.

    Could always borrow a jacket I would think?

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    Personally, I'd send an email explaining all that.

    Worst case, you'll have 2:
    1 worn that you don't want and they won't accept back as it's been worn.
    1 new that you do want, but CAN send back as it's not been worn...

    Put the decision on their shoulders - you might not get a response before you leave, but take both and monitor email from your phone
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    We always give our neighbour or work which is next village ,don't wear it you know you shouldn't lol

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    Don't you have something else to wear instead of the thar?
    Unless I had nothing else to wear I wouldn't do what you're proposing but that's me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jager SA View Post
    As above really, saves a lot of grief.

    Could always borrow a jacket I would think?
    Jez, you can't wear it, they dropped the ball but sent you another coat. I'm sure TNT left a card with a depot where it will be. Go get it! Borrow a coat from a mate or man up and get wet!

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    I sent them an email last night after speaking with TNT who said they could only re deliver on a Saturday with authority from swazi as its on they're account.. I won't that've the other one before I go, that's my point otherwise I'd have no issue.. I even tried to phone the office but when I got home from work it was 6.30 Saturday morning in New Zealand, I sent an email but as yet had no response.. They're cock up has left me without the item I ordered for when I want it. I'm not trying to have they're pants down and get two coats for the price of one, I just want the coat I ordered to wear for what I chose it for, which due to swazis incompetence is going to happen.. They have attempted to rectify they're mistake but to me they should have given clear instruction to TNT to make sure that parcel was received by me before Sunday, wether it had to be deliverd on a Saturday or not, they're obligation was to rectify they're cock up so I did not lose out, which so far has not happened...
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    Two hour drive to get it? Not possible for me to get there today...
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