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Thread: I'm going to kill my..

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    I'm going to kill my..

    quad bike! been working on the carburetor for a couple weeks now, and finally seem to have nailed the problem, leaning it down enough to idle and rev fine, respond to throttle, etc. etc...then I turn if off and try to start it again, but no luck, engine isn't turning over,, try again, no, try the pull cord to start it manually, and it's stuck all the way in,,not moving...WTF! so the starter won't even try due to resistance in the engine and the pull cord is stuck too...

    what do I do that works and does not involve an engineering phd or money!

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    By the sounds of things you had better get mentally prepared to spend some money..........get it into a specialist and get a professional opinion and evaluation on your quad.
    Internet forums are a good guide but at the end of the day, a proven profesional who has your problem in front of their nose should be able to steer you in the right direction in a heartbeat, granted there will be a fee involved but at least you will have a definative answer and potential solution.



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    If the electric starter won't turn it over (and I guess the battery is okay) and you can't even crank it with the pull handle, it sounds awfully like a seized motor to me. Hopefully not. Don't know how old it is or what it's worth, but be wary about spending more than it's worth trying to fix it.

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    Remove the starter moter as it sounds like the starter may be stuck out in so holding on to the ring gear ! ! Try putti g it in gear and rocking it free without the spark plug In.just like an old ford lol. Also its not jump into rear gear has it!.

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    Hit the starter moter with a hammer. Possibly stuck in gumming up the works. Failing that remove the spark plug ant try it without compression. Are you stuck in gear? The chamber could be full of Petrol if you been playing with the carb. Dip your oil ang sniff for fuel. Liquids do not compress. Best of luck.

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    It sounds like it's hydraulic'd

    the float in the carb sticks allowing fuel to pour into the cylinder. It's not as serious as you think, quite common for occasional use quads.

    ​Easy fix, strip and clean carb
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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo123p View Post
    The chamber could be full of Petrol if you been playing with the carb. Dip your oil ang sniff for fuel. Liquids do not compress. Best of luck.
    ​If float valve not closing cylinder can fill with fuel causing hydraulic lock

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    Quote Originally Posted by vitalspark View Post
    ​If float valve not closing cylinder can fill with fuel causing hydraulic lock
    you might be right there! I did mess with the float how/where do I drain this? the sump/oil valve and refill with new oil?

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    If you've got or had hydraulic lock from fuel not being cut off by the float needle. The petrol will most likely have drained down past the piston rings into the sump - check your oil level - if it stinks of petrol or has risen you do need to drain it down & put in new oil. It's a good idea to swap the oil just to be sure. Oil diluted with petrol is not good for a long engine life! Remember to change the oil filter too.
    I had the same problem on my CX500 bike. Carbs are SOOOO easy to screw up in this fashion so don't feel bad about it. I found it better to fit a new float needle valve rather than clean / reuse one that has leaked. Just make sure you set it exactly right (as per the workshop manual).
    If there is an overflow in the float chamber make sure it is clear so that any leakage drains out there rather than through the jets into the manifold.
    If you suspect that it may happen again shut off the fuel at the tap each time you leave the quad till you are sure it's ok.


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    All you need to do is take the spark plug out put a rag over the bore and turn it over a few times until all the fuel from the bore is ejected then put the plug back in and fire it up.

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