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Thread: Stalking in the Highlands

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    Stalking in the Highlands

    I have just returned from stalking in the Highlands and had 3 very good days, the weather was not so good as it rained hard on every day, but the company was very good and even with all the rain they still managed to find the deer.
    It was good to meet you and I really enjoyed stalking in the Highlands with you, If you do make it to Norfolk, Im sure I could take you out and look for a Muntjac.
    Thanks Bambislayer

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    It was a pleasure, glad you enjoyed it.

    What do you think Thetford would make of Derek's Tourets!!!!!

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    Hi Stewart
    Im sure he would fit in well in Thetford, I just would not let him go on his own Ha Ha.
    Anyway most people would not understand him.
    Has it stoped Raining there yet ? I hope to see you again.

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    hi paul , look at you tear arsing all over the country stalking
    all joking aside , how did you get on ?

    cheers lee

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    Hi Lee
    It was great, met and stalked with some really nice people, the Stalking was very good, much better than i had on the Isle of arran with the BASC last year. even if the weather was not very good as it rained every day.
    But we still managed to get some good stalking.
    How are you doing Lee.

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    Still raining although we've had a couple of dry mornings and frosts -3 ish

    Derek doesn't have a passport so we've told him ne can't go south of Dumfries!!!!!!!

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    paul , im doing great thanks trying to get to grips with the hinds and does ! you going to the stalkers eve on 26th @ carlton rode social boozer ?
    if are ill see you there , hopefully monkey spanner is gonna ride shotgun with me if he is not working .

    hows your stalking going made a start on the does yet?

    atb lee

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