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Thread: First homeloads

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    First homeloads

    Well I got out today and tried my first home loads and I learned 2 valuable lessons. Make more ammo than you think you need and use a PLAIN sheet of paper because if you've only got a 6xpower scope like me and havent got a spotting scope you cant see where your rounds are going

    I made up 12 rnds. 4 at 2.750OAL with 44grns H380. 4 with 44.5grns and 4 with 45.0grns. When I measured these rounds I found that 4 were about 2.730 I can only put this down to measuring from base to tip as I dont have anything to measure to the ogive yet. There were 3 fliers still within 2" which I've put down to the shorter length.

    My first 2 rounds I couldn't see where they went so I assumed the worse and went for the next target. As it turns out those 4 shots didn't group too bad and all were at about 8 o clock...

    These 2 were 44.5grn with 2 others that were fliers due to length(I hope)

    These 3 were 45grn and opened up slightly

    I've made another 15rnds today 5 @44grn, 5@44.5 and 5@55grn and by carefull pressing all are between 2.744 and 2.756 so should give me a better idea when I go out with a PLAIN sheet of paper on Sunday

    Quite addictive this reloading lark isn't it

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    It can get expensive too Mick

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    your'e on the slippery slope to being described as "anal" Steve.

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    Well done Mick,

    Just one word of caution your loads are way over the the given maximum on Hodgon's site, they give 40 grains as being the max. I know they have reduced their loads overtime due to litigation etc but even before that they did not, I don't think, go beyond 43 grains.

    Next time you are up at your Dad's give us a shout and I may be able to give you a bit of help with your reloading if you like.


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    Hi mate, sent u a couple of pm's this last week but stuck in outbox again. I might make it to range tomoz depending on how things go, so give us a bell later. And on being over max, you never said the weight of your heads you was using, if they are 130's then you are not over max, as it lists charge weight from 45-47gr of h380 on there site and in my hogdon book.

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    I thought maybe I should mention I'm using a 7mm08 with 140gr bullets. Just checked the Hodgdon site John and it's okay I can use between 43and 45.7grns H380. You scared me for a minute.

    Is it just me or does everyone feel a little bit nervous before they pull the trigger on their first homeloads

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    hello mick im the guy who met you on thurs on the range i myself am going to start reloading in the near future i think reloading will help to tighten my groups and i also think it will be a good side to the sport.
    no doubt will see again give my regards to farmer if he shows on sunday bally

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    Hi Mick,

    sorry about that I had just been reloading some 243 and had got that load stuck in my head Best put it down to a senior moment.


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    No probs Had another go today 45grns "seems" to be the better charge. I say seems because with a 6x scope it's not hard to be 1/2" out before you've even pulled the trigger

    I've definately got a lot more confidence in this rifle now and cant wait to take it out when I come up to Sutherland near Christmas/New year

    I just need a bit more practise to try and tighten my groups. I can shoot .5" with my .223 no problem and that's with a 6x scope aswell.

    I might have it screwcut and get some 7mm baffles for my Wildcat mod this weekend, save my ears if nothing else...

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    I notice that you have varying powder loads with varying seating depth. If things are opening up or closing in during grouping, you will not know what has made the difference and you will waste time and money.

    Try seating all the bullets to the same depth with the varying powder loads. This will give and indication to the best powder load. From there, vary the seating depths from just off the lands going out to over 100thou off the lands. In there somewhere you will find a sweet spot hopefully.

    Then the bug has got you... 8)

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